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We Sell Brand Names at Affordable Prices

Uniform Destination believes in providing our clients with choices. We understand you might have a preference about which brand, style, or color scrubs, workwear, or chef coats your employees wear. We also know each of your employees has different size needs. We’re proud to offer an eclectic collection of brand-name uniforms to Florida residents. Our locations and fittings include brands such as Cherokee, Healing Hands, Med Couture, Sketchers, Dickie’s, White Cross, and Five-Star Chef Wear. For Grey’s Anatomy fans, we also sell Barco!

Our Products

Uniform Destination Has Your Accessories Needs Covered

Uniform Destination serves industries of all kinds. If your employees are required by law to wear non-slip shoes in your kitchen, we’ve got them. Do your nurses and doctors have to wear scrubs? We have an amazing range of brands and sizes. What about lab coats? Uniform Destination fits your technicians and scientists on site. In addition to attire, we also sell accessories like blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, compression socks, badge reels, and much more.

At Uniform Destination, We Offer:

• Value and quality
• Honest pricing
• Onsite fittings
• Ordering and drop off services
• Great selections
• Better than online prices

We Offer Onsite Fittings and Free Consultations

Uniform Destination has served happy clients across the country since 2002. Our commitment to customer service, quality merchandise, and low prices are why our clients exclusively use us for all their uniform needs. Outfitting your employees shouldn’t be difficult. Our goal is to ensure your employees dress within state and federal code and laws and to make the process of fitting them with the correct attire easier for you. To schedule an onsite fitting, call us today. Visit one of our Florida locations to try something on.

Need a Free In-Office Fitting?